I know that this site is called Sci-Fi Squad, but since that term has kind of grown to encompass the fantasy realm (I blame the Syfy channel), we often dive into it as well. Plus, who else is going to properly appreciate Nicolas Cage with straggly, wizard's hair and a leather coat summoning a blue plasma bolt if not people like us? It takes a rare breed to realize just how groan-inducingly awesome that image is.

I speak, of course, of The Sorcerer's Apprentice, a new Disney flick from National Treasure director Jon Turteltaub that, judging from this new trailer (via Den of Geek), finds Cage teaching the ancient and mystical ways of channeling powerful magic to Jay Baruchel so that he can pick up girls who look like blonde versions of Kristen Stewart. Okay, so it also features Alfred Molina establishing himself as the villain and at some point what looks like a metal gryphon lands on some subway tracks, so it's not all about using plasma bolts to get dates. That's not going to stop me from wishing it is, though.

Maybe I'm just having a good morning, but I actually think this looks like it could be fun. I'm certainly skeptical, but this looks far more amusing to me than any of the other recent entrants to the 'guy from real world is thrust into fantasy world' arena. If it can merely wash away the disappointment that was Percy Jackson, that'll be enough for me.

Watch the new trailer below:
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