[Welcome to the Sci-Fi Lunch Break, where we'll be occasionally supplying you with a cool bit of audio/visual goodness to break up the monotony of the work day. You bring the turkey on rye, we'll bring you something out of this world to watch while you eat it.]

If you thought the fan mash-up of Han Solo, P.I. was the apex of crossing sci-fi properties with the opening credits of non-sci-fi properties, then have I got something that will shatter your world. I hate to sound hyperbolic, but Lost Meets Baywatch may be the greatest thing I've ever seen in the history of ever. I'm pretty sure just watching it gave me a vaccination against cancer.

Okay, so maybe I actually do love to be hyperbolic (this is the Internet, after all). Exaggeration aside, if recutting footage from Lost to make it look like the opening to Baywatch (complete with over-saturated white balance) does nothing for you, then I kindly ask you to report back to the morgue from whence you came.
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