You can't see the invisible boy on the poster for The Invisible Boy, but I guess that doesn't mean he isn't there. Or maybe that's him in the grip of the fearsome and terrible Robby the Robot?

The Invisible Boy was a 1957 sci-fi oddity that tried to make Robbie the Robot into the next big movie star after his appearance in the popular classic Forbidden Planet. In it, a boy (Timmie, of course) reassembles a robot (Robby) that has traveled backwards in time. The two of them get up to a lot of no good, including turning Timmie invisible so that he can run around and play pranks on people without getting a spanking. Here comes the twist -- while his parents are trying to figure out a way to discipline their invisible boy, Robbie (along with an evil computer, probably a Tandy) decides to take over the world. Whoa.

You can see the full poster (as well as the fabulous trailer -- "You may begin...with his eyes.") after the jump.
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