Until we learn more about Shawn Levy's upcoming adaptation of Richard Matheson's Real Steel, I will continue to use the picture above, taken from the Twilight Zone episode based on the same story. I think it's only appropriate. I also think it's hilarious, even if no one else does.

Well, we are learning more about Real Steel. Coming Soon spoke with Levy and dislodged a tidbit or two for your reading pleasure. If you're interested in Boxing Robots of The Future, you should check out the whole interview, but here are the broad strokes for lazy folks like you and me. Breakin' out the bullet points:

-Real Steel is about a retired boxer played by Hugh Jackman who turned to "managing" when humans were replaced in the ring by 2000 pound robots. Jackman meets the young son he abandoned. They bond. His newest robot starts winning a lot. Levy compares the story to Rocky. I think we can see where it goes from there.
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