When did your dreams of becoming an astronaut die? Was it when you just couldn't get a handle on advanced physics? Maybe you realized that you'd get claustrophobic sitting in a tin can far above the world. Perhaps you were unlucky enough to watch the Challenger or Columbia disasters and thought, "I want a job where death isn't a real possibility." For me, I knew I'd never be a rocket man after I grew taller than the NASA height restriction of 5'11" (though it's now been raised to 6'2"). For Ultima video game creator Richard Garriott, who dreamed of exploring outer space since he was a child, it was when he found out he was nearsighted.

But since he's a self-made multimillionaire and son of a former NASA Scientist-Astronaut, Richard Garriott wasn't going to let a vision problem stand in his way of traveling to outer space. Richard Garriott: Man on a Mission is the culmination of one man's life-long effort to go where only a few have gone before.
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