In a strategy apparently aimed at older moviegoers, three new Toy Story 3"viral" spots are online with some clever marketing approaches, including two employing techno music and one that spoofs video camera-shot horror films. The ads follow along with the main theme of the Pixar sequel, aligning those who grew up with the first two Toy Storymovies with Andy, the former little boy who's now off to college. The spots seem to say, "Hey, you grown kids with your computers and your cars and your scary R-rated movies, come back to the toys you loved more than a decade ago."

The first one, titled "IM" is a cute look at how Woody and Buzz Lightyear pass their time by instant messaging old film and TV clips to each other. See, these toys are just like us, web-savvy and obsessed with YouTube. And yes, that's a dance mix of the Oscar-nominated "You've Got a Friend in Me" playing in the background. Just what the clubs have been missing: Randy Newman-penned techno. The second spot is called "Not a Kid Anymore," and it's a send up of sleek car commercials. It's the one most directly and literally focused on the theme, and again it's pumping the techno.

The fourth, simply titled "Horror," might be my favorite, because it makes me want a whole Toy Story movie shot in the style of [REC], Paranormal Activity, etc. Or, maybe just a sequence in the new sequel. Hopefully some of that surveillance stuff is actually taken from Toy Story 3. I'd be surprised if Pixar didn't take the opportunity given that the Toy Story movies tend to have a lot of visual gags involving movie references.

Check out the three spots below.