I normally would not be the conveyor of marketing hype, but the trailer for Phillips' Parallel Lines project actually looks like an interesting cinematic experiment. The company tasked five directors (Greg Fay, Johnny Hardstaff, Carl Erik Rinsch, Jake Scott, and Hi-Sim) to create shorts in five genres (drama, action, animation (which isn't a genre), sci-fi, and thriller) using the exact same dialogue. I'm not immediately familiar with any of the directors, but am intrigued by the fact that Rinsch is the guy who almost directed the Alien remake/reboot and Scott directed REM's Everybody Hurts, as well as the Sundance film Welcome to the Rileys (his debut feature).

The result of the directors' collaboration – which was co-sponsored by Ridley Scott Associates and is designed to draw attention to some sort of new online media player – will debut here on April 8. I'll be watching with interest. The trailer is after the jump.
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