Imagine going to see Toy Story 3 and an hour into the Pixar sequel the film breaks beyond repair. You're given passes by the theater manager to come again, but how likely is it that you'd return to see the end of Toy Story 3? You'd have to sit through most of a movie you already devoted precious time to. Now, imagine doing the same scenario on purpose, without the film break and where the ticket purchase is for the second viewing rather than the first. This is basically the idea behind the "Cliffhanger Edition" of Toy Story 3, which will be touring college campuses next month.

Open to students only, these free screenings will reveal the first 65 minutes of the movie, and apparently they won't be the 3D versions. To find out if your college is hosting the event, just head over to the invite on Pixar's Facebook page and scroll through the list of schools. Then you can RSVP via a Facebook Event, though this is not a guarantee you'll be admitted (you still have to show up early and stand in line for the first come, first serve seating). Then, once you've seen the first hour of the movie, Disney is hoping you'll tell your friends about it and of course want to return to see the whole thing in 3D, at cost.
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