I can admit that I've never given Clone Wars, the television series, a chance, based largely on the lame feature film that kicked off the show. When I read the headline on Figures.com that Boba Fett was coming to the show I got the tiniest twinge of excitement. Would I watch the show if they were bringing in one of the coolest characters from the original trilogy?

Then, I saw the image from the show, and remembered that -- oh, yeah -- Boba Fett is still a child in the Clone Wars timeline. Fett's story, which shows how he ended up on the bounty hunter career track, will be this season's three-part finale. Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones actor Daniel Logan will be returning to voice the character.

I can't let Star Wars break my heart anymore, so I won't be tuning in. If it turns out to be spectacular, somebody come back here and tell me, and I may be willing to give it a look.
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