I'm pretty cynical when it comes to "upgrading" my DVDs, but when it comes to horror, action, or science fiction films I really enjoy ... I simply have to take the blu pill. It's a weakness, I know. But to those who are still a bit skeptical of the audio/visual superiority of blu-ray over standard DVD, my only advice is this: Find someone with a large digital television, insert the Sleeping Beauty blu-ray into their player, and just try to unlock your eyeballs from the screen. I do believe it's the prettiest movie I've ever seen outside a movie theater. And that's worth an extra $25 in my book.

And I guess I'll be doing it again in October, because that's when Disney is giving us the Oscar-winning Beauty and the Beast on blu-ray. According to DVD Active, the package will include all sorts of goodies, but since October is a long ways off, we don't know how much "new stuff" will be introduced. Given this film's well-earned stature at Disney Inc., I'm expecting all sorts of Belles and whistles. For a bit more information, pull out your brand new Toy Story blu-rays and flip through the trailers -- or click right here.

(And that Sleeping Beauty blu-ray is now "out of print," so you might want to grab a copy next time you're at Best Buy. Yep, I'm a total sucker for Disney's rather ruthless release structure. But it's the movie that matters, and Sleeping Beauty is unquestionably wonderful.)
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