The cornerstone of good advertising is making the ad itself something that is self-replicating. It's certainly not easy to do with every product, but the Dubai-based advertising firm Tonic sure knows how to get the horror crowd spreading the "Hey, did you see the new Burger King ads?" word. And I hate them for it because I've fallen right into their trap. How am I supposed to pass up posting Freddy Krueger at the drive through, though? My will just isn't that strong.

In addition to Krueger, BK has also brought on board Chucky, Ghostface and Jason Voorhees, though honestly his add has me more than a little confused. Did Jason just run over a cheerleader? Or did he just bend her over the windshield of a convertible Mini Cooper and rape her, because that's sure what it looks like to me and rapey Jason is not the Jason I grew up with...

Check 'em all out below and head to Geeky Tyrant for higher resolution copies.
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