With the release of the Clash of the Titansredux this weekend, Sam Worthington finds himself in a rather unique position. While it may not happen by Sunday evening, the actor is on the precipice of joining a select few in the modern era to be a part of three nine-digit grossers in a 12-month period. Starting with Terminator Salvationlast May grossing $125 million and Avataras the all-time box office champ with $740 million and counting, Clash of the Titans, with its inflated prices for the converted 3-D experience, likely does not have that big a mountain to climb to complete the trifecta.

What serves as the criteria for such a feat though? Do you have to exclusively headline three consecutive films within a calendar year? Clearly that would be the most impressive. Does one consider Christian Bale to be the topliner of Terminator over Worthington, or does it really matter? Let's say if you are part of the primary cast you qualify. How about voiceover work then? That's an easy way to make the list, lucking out on the scheduling of a project you might be a couple of years removed from. But if we're going to count the Na'vi Worthington, then why not?