But Ben Heckendorn did. Pretty much from scratch, too, apart from the basic pinball-machine parts like flippers and so forth. He's been working on it since 2005. We showed you a preview of it a few months ago, when it was a work in progress. Now it is finished. And why did he make a pinball machine based on the movies of Bill Paxton? You might just as well ask why Keats wrote of Grecian urns, or why Kilmer wrote of trees. Because why not, that's why.

Heckendorn lays it all out on his blog, with many photos documenting the process. The game has audio and/or visual elements from Titanic, Aliens, True Lies, Frailty, Club Dread, Near Dark, A Simple Plan, Weird Science, and many more. There's even a reference to the music video for "Fish Heads," which Paxton appeared in. Are there also elements from Independence Day, Mr. Wrong, or Spaceballs? No, because those were Bill Pullman movies. No one likes a smart-aleck.

Check out a video demonstration of Bill Paxton Pinball after the jump. (Yes, he says, "Game over, man!" when the game is over.) Don't get too attached, though: Heckendorn only made one of these, and he's keeping it, so you can't buy it.
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