By Elisabeth Rappe

I remember the summer of 1996 and Independence Day so vividly, mainly because the movie scared the crap out of me thanks to walking out to a rainstorm that looked exactly like that which preceded the monster UFOs. Good times. Good nightmares. I also remember there was a ton of sequel talk at the time, and ID4 certainly seemed set up for it. But it never happened, and 9/11 kind of took the fun out of seeing landmarks leveled anyway.

But now the franchise might be alive again, according to It's only been 14 years, but oh well. The hangup has always been both Will Smith's enormous salary and Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin's then-reluctance to return to the franchise. But now 20th Century Fox is rolling in Avatar money, and thinks it would be fun to spend some of it on a revival of bad aliens. IESB says Smith is supposedly locked in for two Independence Day installments, and that they may even shoot back to back in the Pirates of the Caribbean and Matrix fashion. They caution it's not official at this point, though.

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