Apparently Hollywood didn't learn that taking funny TV commercial gimmicks and trying to turn them into something bigger (like an actual TV show) really doesn't work. Part of this has to do with the fact that it's a blatant gimmick constructed solely to grab your attention for roughly 30-or-so seconds -- but whatever, you'd rather ignore original ideas and tackle the stuff that really entertains the family during Dancing with the Stars commercial breaks. I get it. Yes, if Pajiba's sources are correct, a movie based on those E*Trade talking baby commercials is actually being planned.

Not exactly a huge stretch, since there was a time when the Look Who's Talking movies were a big hit, and those Baby Geniuses movies did decent business -- and even without the E*Trade commercials, cute, quirky babies were beginning to infiltrate pop culture in some pretty strange ways (Babies, anyone), so I could've seen something like this happening eventually. Pajiba claims 20th Century Fox are behind the project, which will follow a group of talking babies as they make their way across a playground. So, you could pay twenty bucks to see this sucker in 3D in IMAX theaters, or you can simply head over to the local day care right after lunch and watch real babies walk (and crawl) across the playground with somewhat humorous results.

No word on whether the same kids from the commercials will star, or if they'll shoot the entire thing from the point of view of a computer monitor camera, but I will say this: If they can turn some of the humor found in characters like Stewie from The Family Guy into a live-action baby adventure, this could work. Knowing Hollywood, though, they'll completely screw it up ... and then blame you for their mistakes.
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