My Movie Crush continues as I reminisce back on my memories of the objects of my adolescent obsession. Join me.
In 1994, I was a preteen tomboy. I preferred playing with the boys over whatever sissified things most girls had going on. I watched football with my dad, yes, even collected NFL trading cards (Do those even still exist?), and earned a nickname on the junior high pick-up football scene that had a lot to do with my penchant for joyously leveling anyone on the field -- at least in the days before my male cohorts hit puberty. And yet, I was beginning to have those girly feelings for the boys whose pubescent bones I so thoroughly loved to crunch.

In short, I was Becky "Icebox" O'Shea.

When the kids' football comedy Little Giants hit the big screen in the fall of 1994, I saw in Becky the closest approximation to my own conflicted tomboy existence ever committed to celluloid. And, as even the girliest of Little Giants fans would agree, Becky had a very good reason for briefly, and only briefly, hanging up her helmet in hopes of getting that special boy to consider having kissing practice with her. That reason was Devon Sawa.

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