Earlier this month, we were all treated to a red band teaser trailer for George Romero's latest zombie opus, Survival of the Dead. The problem was that it was just a teaser and it wasn't really all that gory. Romero and Magnet Releasing apparently heard our cries, because they're back today with a brand new clip--a full-length R-rated trailer that certainly earns its color status.

IGN scored the exclusive on the latest clip, which runs for nearly two-and-a-half minutes and features more plot background and zombie action than I recall seeing in any of the previous trailers.

Romero's latest zombie effort finds survivors holing up on an island off the North American coast when the zombie apocalypse occurs. One group wants to kill the zombies, while the other wants to keep them alive in hopes that they can find a cure--since said zombies are comprised of their dearly departed family members. I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that things don't end well.

Survival of the Dead is set to make its VOD debut on April 30th and then will play a limited theatrical engagement starting on May 28th. Jump past the break to check out the new trailer.
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