Supervan- which finally saw a DVD release last week - was one of two movies from 1977 that cashed in on the customized van craze of the late 70's (the other being the creatively titled The Van). The movie features a group of self-described "Vanners" who risk everything to travel to and compete in the "Annual Non-Invitational Bicentennial Invitational Freakout '76" van festival in Vandora, a space-aged van designed by George Barris (designer of the original Batmobile, The Munsters' Koach and Drag-U-La, and the truck from The Beverly Hillbillies, among others).

In fact, Vandora is really the only reason I'm writing about Supervan on Sci-Fi Squad. I mean sure... most of the movie features hippies smoking out while wearing Spock and Hulk masks, crazy Olympic-style van events like the Wiggle Wobble and the Show-n-Shine, and - believe it or not - Charles Bukowski as the "Wet T-Shirt Contest Water Boy." But Vandora itself is a sonic-boom emitting, laser-beam shooting, science-fiction monstrosity that puts Battletruck to shame.

There's a spoiler-filled three-minute clip of Supervan after the jump and you can buy Supervan on DVD for less than $14 here. Trust me: it's money well spent.
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