Buck Rogers in the 25th Century wasn't just a television show; it was also a feature film. In the Star Wars-inspired mania of the late 1970's, Universal decided to give the feature-length pilot a shot on the big screen, and the film went on to gross $21 million (that gross translates to roughly $60 million dollars nowadays -- not bad for something originally made for television).

The pilot still represents the high point of the TV series that followed. It shows its age, but Gil Gerard has a lot of charm, and I rather like the disco 1970's version of the far future. Surprisingly, Gerard is back in an all-new Buck Rogers project, playing the father of a young Buck Rogers in James Cawley's independent (but fully authorized) web series. In other news, Paul W.S. Anderson is attached to direct an all-new feature film (apparently replacing The Spirit director Frank Miller).

You can see the incredibly bitchin' poster after the jump (I want one!).
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