Back in December I got a call from Weinberg asking me if I knew anything about a Kevin Costner-starring horror flick called The New Daughter. I told him it didn't ring a bell and he proceeded to tell me that no one he asked knew much of anything about it, but that it was being dropped like a prom baby into theaters with no marketing of any kind to speak of and that one of the few theaters in the country getting a print happened to be here in Austin, TX.

I actually bailed on going, but Weinberg and Luke Mullen (who was not writing for Horror Squad at the time) indeed went and reported back that the theater manager shared with them that he wasn't even allowed to (or didn't have time to, I forget which) advertise their showtimes properly.

They also both reported back that The New Daughter ended up being a pretty serviceable little thriller. Suffice to say I was a little bummed that I was too lazy to go. I'm not too lazy to sit on a couch, however, so I'll certainly be on board when Luis Berdejo's film hits on DVD and Blu-ray on May 18th. And this time I'll be a little more prepared seeing as I now have an actual inkling of what to expect thanks to a trailer for the mysterious picture. Check it out below.
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