The Twilight Saga will soon be more than a four-book series. As fans wait impatiently for more, and Twi-Nots rejoice in the fact that Hollywood is almost half-way through the sparkling vampire series, Stephenie Meyer has announced on her website that she is publishing The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. Not exactly a sequel, the 192-page novella centers on newborn vampire Bree, played in the film by Tideland star Jodelle Ferland.

Meyer explains that she wrote this book while writing/editing the other Twilight novels, and had planned to include it in an upcoming Official Guide. However, the plan started to change as Melissa Rosenberg began adapting Eclipse, and then when David Slade signed on. Both read the book to find out what exactly happened in Seattle with the newbie vamp menace, and they handed it over to the actors to help with their performance. "I was pleased that this side of the story would make it into the film and was looking forward to including it in the Guide." Coming in at almost 200 pages in print, it's too much for Official Guide filler, so it's hitting the shelves on its own, and will also be available for free for a month online. (Additionally, the book will help raise funds for the American Red Cross.)

Meyer isn't clear, however, on how much makes its way into the movie. As we know from early peeks, there is additional footage of Riley in Seattle to flesh out the cinematic story, but is it just a scene or two, or a whole sub-plot? And, if Bree's not really part of the story, will we be getting an additional film sometime soon? I doubt her story would become a big-screen feature, but maybe a direct-to-DVD story, or super-huge extra on the Eclipse DVD? Stay tuned!

[via Entertainment Weekly]
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