Who: J. Lee Thompson, director of The Guns of Navarone (1961), Cape Fear (1962), and two of the better Planet of the Apes sequels. Columbia Pictures, who wanted a piece of the slasher pie from Paramount. Actors Melissa Sue Anderson (Little House on the Prairie) and Glenn Ford (The Big Heat), looking for a big break and a decent paycheck, respectively.

What: A bunch of snooty college kids are getting picked off one by one. Eventually a loony girl's birthday party has something to do with the plot.

When: May, 1981.

Where: Montreal. They made a lot of cheap horror movies there in 1981.

Why: Because slasher flicks were red hot in 1981 and the best Columbia Pictures could do was play copycat. The result is the unholy marriage between a really boring soap opera and a really perfunctory slasher movie.
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