If you follow a bunch of critics and film buffs on Twitter or Facebook, you've probably noticed that over the last few days there has been a big swell in complaints about 3-D. The reason? Warner Brothers screened Clash of the Titans 3-D for press at the beginning of the week and the reaction has been overwhelmingly negative. Not against the film, per say (I for one found it sufficiently entertaining), but against the studio's decision to convert the film in post-production from the 2-D it was shot in into a world of 3-D it was never planned to be a part of.

Now converting a film to 3-D in post-production isn't anything new, but, if the poor quality of the gimmick effect in 3-D is any indication, it's becoming a new threat. And as people tend to do when threatened, they're fighting back. Piranha 3-D director Alexandre Aja has taken a stand against the growing tide, though. He's happy to talk about why his remake of Joe Dante's film was not actually filmed in 3-D but will be exhibited as such and he recently did just that with MTV.
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