If this recent Variety report comes to fruition, then my interest in the long-gestating Fantastic Voyage remake has just been re-energized. Screenwriter Shane Salerno and a producer by the name of James Cameron are already at work on the project, and it seems to me that Mr. Greengrass would make a solid, if unexpected, fit.

Best known for his two Bourne films (Supremacy and Ultimatum), United 93, and the recent Green Zone, Paul Greengrass is, as noted by Variety, a rather "gritty" director of action, so it certainly seems like a strange fit for the tech-heavy science fiction adventure -- but who ever said "strange" is a bad thing? Cameron's Lightstorm outfit will be focusing on the special effects and (yes) the 3-D presentation.

Fantastic Voyage is a nifty sci-fi flick from 1966 that dealt with a group of doctors and scientists who shrink down to microscopic size in an effort to save the life of a near-dead politician by traveling through his bloodstream and battling evil microbes and what-not. (My own generation would say it's "kinda like Innerspace.") Clearly it's high time I give Richard Fleischer's Oscar-winning medical thriller a fresh spin.
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