Actor George Takei may not be playing Star Trek's Hikaru Sulu again, but he has donned his old Starfleet uniform to get same-sex couples to take notice on how to count themselves in the 2010 census. Appearing with long-time partner Brad Altman, himself in an attention-grabbing foil hat, Takei shows same-sex couples how to fill out the census forms to make sure that their relationship counts.

Takei revealed his orientation in a 2005 issue of Frontiers magazine, confirming his not-so-secret relationship with Altman. Takei and Altman eventually wed in 2008, during the small window of time in which California was legally recognizing same-sex marriages. You can read more information about the 2010 U.S. census on the official site.

(via TV Series Finale, Wikipedia)

You can view Takei, decked out in Starfleet regalia, in the PSA after the jump.

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