The latest Iron Man 2 poster was released yesterday, and a lot of folks were all up in arms because it left out Mickey Rourke's Whiplash, one of the film's main villains. Me? I just want to know where Sam Rockwell is. They haven't featured him in any of the posters so far, and, well, as a huge Rockwell fan (and someone who feels he'll probably steal the movie), I demand a little poster-sized Rockwell before this sucker hits theaters on May 7th.

For those not aware, Rockwell plays a rival industrialist who desperately wants to take out Tony Stark -- to the point that he creates his own robot army in the process. I mean, sure, I understand why you'd rather paint the poster with images of Scarlett Johansson's rear end (maybe Rockwell is hiding behind there?), but it'd be nice if they tried to fit them all in. And heck, if anything, give us some sweet character posters instead. I'd take those any day over this generic piece of marketing.

Click image below to view the larger version.

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