It's only been a few weeks since Clint Eastwood became attached to a J. Edgar Hoover biopic, but as usual he's not wasting any time getting it off the ground. Casting has already begun, and Deadline Hollywood Daily reports that Leonardo DiCaprio is in early talks to play Hoover, which probably means it's already a done deal. Neither DiCaprio or Eastwood seem to waste time negotiating.

It seems like such an obvious choice that I'm embarrassed I suggested Billy Crudup reprise it. On the other hand, it feels like DiCaprio is becoming the go-to guy for any movie with a fedora and a nervous tic. But he's one of the few young actors working today that has a shred of gravitas or intensity, so I'm certainly not going to hate on the choice, even if it would be nice to see Casey Affleck, Crudup, or Liev Schreiber nab a few more of these lavish period pieces. Who wants to bet this will be the first of several collaborations between Eastwood and DiCaprio? They both like reprising creative partnerships.

The biggest question remains how this Hoover biopic will tackle the thorny and controversial figure. DHD says the script "[peels] back the curtain on the life of Hoover" which they take to mean it will be a sympathetic portrayal, especially since it won't delve into rumors of Hoover's cross-dressing. But that doesn't mean it won't tackle the other stories that circle around the terrifying FBI director, particularly since there's plenty of paper trails to support his uglier activities.

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