We're warning you right now: take a deep breath and compose yourself. Scrolling down this page too fast might overwhelm you and cause you to lose consciousness.

Just a few sentences below, are THREE BRAND-NEW photos from the latest installment of the 'Twilight' Saga: 'Eclipse.'

If you're not familiar with the novel-to-movie phenomenon: 1.) Welcome to Earth. 2.) 'Twilight' tells the story of young teenager Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and her forbidden romance with century-old vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). Their love affair reaches a 'Romeo and Juliet' level of urgency as Edward rebels against his vampire brethren -- and his own predatory nature -- to be with her, pushing the two of them into mortal danger. The 'Twilight' series dominated the publishing charts, and the film adaptions are on track to dominate the box office as well.

But enough talking, here are those new pictures...