Let's travel back in time before Brad Pitt was part of the Brangelina borg or even before Tyler Durden. Brad's breakout role was young paramour and parolee J.D. in 1991's Thelma and Louise, and Johnny Suede came just a few a couple of months after Thelma and Louise premiered at Cannes. (This was also a few years after Pitt starred in Cutting Class, an awesomely ridiculous '80s slasher flick that I caught on cable late one night.)

According to writer/director Tom DiCillo's blog, when the NYC casting director passed him Brad Pitt's head shot, "he'd done a small Canadian TV series and he'd just finished shooting what he'd listed as his only real film credit-something called Thelma and Louise that no one had heard about because it hadn't even been edited yet." And when Pitt came in to audition, DiCillo writes, "Call me an idiot if you want but I was certain of two things the moment he walked in: 1. He was Johnny. 2. He was going to be a star." (DiCillo also writes about the changes made to the final theater release and he's "so thrilled that this version being released on DVD by Anchor Bay is the original Director's Cut, heretofore never seen in this country... Minus the f*cking [sic] voice-over.")

And yes, you can see that Pitt is going to be a star. Maybe he wouldn't be a star because of this funky little indie, but indubitably, DiCillo was right.