At first I was hostile toward Knight and Day, because not even the ultra-reliable James Mangold in the director's chair could make me excited about a movie with such a hideous pun in the title. It was a visceral reaction, possibly Pavlovian having been burned once with Made of Honor. But seriously, Knight and Day? Eew.

After yesterday's trailer, though, I may have changed my mind. That's because it raises the possibility of something I thought might be impossible. Take a look at the trailer, which is embedded below as well as at the link above, and consider: what is Tom Cruise doing in this role as violent, grinning maniac? Is he knowingly toying with his own image as a volatile nut? Is he becoming sentient?

Most of what you need is in the first minute or so of the trailer. Look at Cruise's smile and the look in his eye when he says -- and then (this is key) repeats -- "I'm the guy" to Marc Blucas. Watch him again thirty seconds later when he tells Blucas that, though the latter has just been shot, all is well and he'll probably get a promotion. Consider the character, who is a badass CIA agent who may or may not be crazy. What does all this make you think of? I thought, immediately, of the infamous Oprah appearance and the leaked scientology video -- the couch-jumping, the inexplicable bursts of laughter, the ability to spout complete nonsense without batting an eye ("Nobody follow us, or I'll kill myself and then her," he says). Is this role Cruise's nod to his reputation?
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