Watching Mike Tyson quote compilations on YouTube is kind of a guilty pleasure for me. The man has said some of the most ridiculous and hilarious things I think I've ever heard, yet he's such a tragic hero (watch the documentary Tyson and try not to feel for the guy despite his wrongdoings). The boxer has a completely naive but innate ability to deliver these odd "lines" much in the same way as Arnold Schwarzenegger. Like Tyson, Schwarzenegger built his reputation as an athlete and remains one of the most prominent figures in the history of bodybuilding. His transition to acting was difficult at first because of his accent, his overwhelming physique and even his unusual name. Luckily, Arnie was able to overcome and has been delivering some of the most cheese-tastical lines in cinema ever since. We've come to love many of these quips, but others have aroused homicidal feelings after being copied to death, like "I'll be back."

Pajiba has paid tribute to the California governor by creating a video that will make you laugh and cringe -- 160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes. The clip features Arnie's best and worst moments from classic flicks like Conan and The Terminator series, as well as movies I'm sure he'd rather forget about like Batman & Robin. There's even a few brief "Tyson" moments, where the actor is quoted out of character, equating bodybuilding with a sexytime activity and mispronouncing James Cameron's latest film as "Avadar".

Hilarity (and some NSFW language) ensues after the jump.