There's only so long the darkness can last, with its creepy shadows, sharp teeth, and werewolf howls. At some point, as they sing in Hair, you have to "let the sunshine in." Just a few days after we learned that Sean Penn is thinking about returning to the surf to mentor Jay Moriarty, not to mention today's earlier beach bums, another surfing tale hits the wire. Production Weekly's Twitter feed reports that Universal is gearing up for a sequel to the 2002 film Blue Crush, with plans to film in South Africa at the end of next month.

Starring Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez, and Sanoe Lake, the original Blue Crush followed Anne Marie, a slacker girl addicted to the surf. While Anne Marie is eagerly awaiting a surf competition, she's also trying to put a dangerous wipeout out of her mind ... until she meets a sexy pro quarterback (Matthew Davis of current Vampire Diaries fame) who shakes things up. There is no word on how the sequel will play out, but if they get Bosworth and Rodriguez back, it could go well. The former may have dropped out of the spotlight, but she does have the Straw Dogs remake on the way, while the latter is coming off that little ol' movie known as Avatar.

Crushes aside, methinks we've got our next big trend. With the vamps done to death, it's no wonder that Hollywood is turning to the bright sun of day. The only questions that remain: What will be the next surfer film, and is the wild, crashing surf the theme we want Hollywood to dive into?
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