A couple years back, Zoe Lister-Jones went to her boyfriend, Daryl Wein, with an unorthodox suggestion: she wanted to take "days off" from their relationship. On those days, they wouldn't see each other or talk to each other; they'd be free to do whatever they wanted to do, even if it meant sleeping with other people.

Wein was intrigued, and not just about what was happening to his relationship. Lister-Jones and Wein are both actors, and writers, and filmmakers -- a couple of New York-based grade-A, Type-A personalities. They don't lie around waiting for their phones to ring. So they took the idea one step further: They made a movie about it. The result, 'Breaking Upwards,' opens this weekend (and like most IFC Films releases these days, will also be instantly available on-demand).
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