I dread April Fools' Day. I think most of us do, really. While too many lame attempts at humor clog the news feeds, there is always one thing to look forward to on April 1st: ThinkGeek's fake lineup of new products. They kill it each and every year and today's round-up is no different. They're always all worth checking out, but considering the site is called ThinkGeek, they're no stranger to delivering exactly what geeks want; sci-fi based products so awesome in concept that it's painful they're not real.

First up is the Dharma Initiative Alarm Clock, which you can see in ticking away in the upper right hand corner of this post (I could stare at it all day; or at least for 108 minutes). It retails for a very reasonable $49.99 and comes with, "Two alarm settings: one-minute warning and electromagnetic cataclysm modes." Sadly, "Walt, geodesic dome, and polar bear not included."
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