Nostalgia is a strange and powerful thing. Take the 1981 adventure epic Clash of the Titans, for example. For years it sat on the shelves, a film of interest only to A) those who'd seen it as children, B) those who want a really silly refresher course on Greek mythology, and C) hardcore movie nerds who worship at the altar of special effects legend Ray Harryhausen. Titans was neither reviled as insipid nor adored like a Jason and the Argonauts (deservedly) is -- but Clash of the Titans certainly had its place among the swords & sandals epics.

But now that a remake has reared its snake-laden head, everyone is falling over themselves to mislabel Clash of the Titans as some sort of unheralded classic, which does a grave disservice to Louis Leterrier's remake -- a film that, on its own, is a perfectly mindless, bombastic, colorful, and enjoyable piece of matinee-style popcorn entertainment. Part of me wishes that WB had simply canned the remake idea and forged ahead on an "original" Greek mythology quest ... but this new-fangled Clash of the Titans will keep me suitably entertained until a true classic of "mythology cinema" makes its entrance.
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