The marriage between the fashion and film worlds is nothing new. Whether it be casual fashion -- like the Tarsem Singh directed ads for Levi's -- or the latest high-drama ads for Christian Dior, directors have been putting an elaborate spin on our styles for quite some time. Dior's decadent ad campaign boasting their latest collection is laced with a little classic Hollywood and a little rock and roll. The four-chapter short film series is directed by Olivier Dahan, Annie Leibovitz and David Lynch with French actress Marion Cotillard starring as Lady Noire, Lady Rouge and Lady Bleu respectively -- with a fourth mystery lady arriving soon.

Dahan and Cotillard reunite after La Vie en Rose for Lady Noire, which takes a cue from its name and dips into film noir for a brooding and beguiling adventure. Photographer Leibovitz directs Cotillard in Lady Rouge, which uses a posh but old school theater and an apartment I'd kill for as the backdrop of a music video-style extravaganza. Cotillard performs the very catchy Eyes of Mars to narrate the story, with back up from Franz Ferdinand -- all while wearing super skinny black suits and looking gorgeous.

David Lynch is on tap for the upcoming third film, set to debut on the Lady Dior website on May 15. The Blue Velvet director will be following Lady Bleu in a Shanghai-inspired story. The 12-minute film was shot in the Chinese city last December and as designer John Galliano explains it, "Marion is reciting a poem that he [Lynch] wrote, and was inspired by the Pearl Tower itself. The words and building fuse in the picture he paints on-screen." I'm sure it will be nothing short of amazing.

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