The history of the movies is jam-packed with the people who advanced the art of F/X, and Bert I. Gordon was one of those pioneers. Gordon started his career in the early '50s making television commercials, but soon moved to directing 'creature features', and would later earn the nickname "Mister B.I.G." for his trademark super-sized creatures. By the late '70s, Gordon was coming to the end of his long career, but in 1977, he was still knee-deep in giant monsters when he directed the H.G. Wells adaptation Empire of the Ants, which you can now watch for free at SlashControl as part of their free movie selections.

The B-horror was loosely based on H.G. Wells' story of a British colonel discovering a murderous species of ant in South America, and Gordon's adaptation starred Joan Collins as Marilyn Fryser, a sleazy land developer trying to pawn off worthless land in the Everglades to a group of unsuspecting investors. Unfortunately for them, the real estate in question has been taken over by giant killer ants -- dun dun dunnn!

These days modern audiences are a little spoiled; those rear-projection techniques and foam monsters don't impress like they used to, and sometimes we forget how much effort it used to take to bring those fantastical creatures to life. Granted, in Gordon's 'classic' there are Ants walking off into thin air, not to mention some serious continuity issues, but keep this in mind: you have to walk before you can run.

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