Most of the horror films featured on Hulu's expansive horror channel are, for lack of a better word, crappy. Although a few gems appear every once in awhile, most of the films available are either cheap Troma schlock or horrible 80's flicks. Oh, and Killer Klowns from Outer Space, which RULES. On occasion a newer flick, such as Tamara, will slip through the cracks and become available, but new films (read: within the past few years) are scarce.

Enter Mattoid Entertainment. Created by Andrew Robinson, Jenna Edwards and Jeremy McGovern, Mattoid Entertainment deals exclusively in original features to be distributed online over a variety of online avenues, the first of which is In the Darkness. Written and directed by Robinson and produced by Edwards and McGovern, the film recently premiered exclusively on Hulu, and can be watched here.

From the film's official website: search and rescue team is called out to find two missing boys who have seemingly vanished without a trace in a remote, fire ravaged, mountain range. As the effort to find the missing teens intensifies Detective John Kilmer begins to suspect that they aren't simply looking for two missing boys but something far more sinister.

The online release was carried out with the help of Indie Flix, and can be pre-ordered here. Not only do you get the movie, but you get a metric crapton of special features, including commentary, deleted and alternate scenes, and even a copy of the soundtrack.

You can catch a glimpse at the trailer behind the jump. Special thanks to Shock Till You Drop for giving us the heads up.
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