Ah, April Fool's Day -- the one day a year where every story you read online is potentially bogus. Rest assured that this one is on the up-and-up ... unless the guys over at the iTunes trailer page broke into studio headquarters, stole footage and re-cut their own trailers for The A-Team andSalt.

Since that seems unlikely, here are two new trailers for the aforementioned films. First up is Salt, featuring Angelina Jolie in a role that was originally set for Tom Cruise. Thanks to the magic of the rewrite, main character Edward A. Salt is now Evelyn A. Salt. Jolie plays a CIA officer accused of being a double agent by a Russian defector (do people even still defect from Russia?). In the real world this would most likely mean she'd be given time off while the CIA investigated the claim. However, in this film it means Jolie goes all Bourne Identity in a quest to clear her name. The clip is exactly what you'd expect given the premise and should appeal to fans of flicks like Mission: Impossible. Personally, it reminds me of a less interesting version of The Long Kiss Goodnight.

Next up is our latest look at The A-Team. 1980's nostalgia is in full swing with this one, which finds Liam Neeson leading a group of former Special Forces soldiers who were sent to prison for a crime they didn't commit. Naturally, they escape and set out to clear their names. The casting in this one seems spot on, with Neeson making a great Hannibal (dig the hair) and UFC fighter Quinton "Rampage" Jackson being the absolute perfect choice to re-interpret Mr. T.'s B.A. Baracus character. The new clip features lots of action, a few laughs and a stroll down memory lane for those of us who grew up in the 80's.

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