Back in the summer of 2008, Fox was lining up a film version of John D. MacDonald's The Deep Blue Goodbye, with Gary Fleder in talks to direct. Then, last September, Leonardo DiCaprio signed on to play beach bum detective Travis McGee, the character that MacDonald milked for 21 novels from 1964 to 1984 (and a character that stands 6'4" when compared to DiCaprio's stature, but I digress).

Now, according to Variety, none other than Oliver Stone is on board to produce and possibly direct the project. As much as I may assume that DiCaprio would play the most tightly wound beach bum around, I'd actually like to see Stone cut loose with material like this. Fox seems confident enough in his Wall Street sequel to push it back in favor of a likely Cannes bow, so why not let him tackle something with fewer politics and what-not?

On second thought, I'm sure that Stone might relish McGee's Korean War experience and somehow work the JFK assassination back into the picture. Eh, whatever, let him go nuts. If we wanted more fun under the Florida sun, we'd wait for the next Carl Hiaasen adaptation instead.
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