(Mega Piranha doesn't actually debut this summer; I just couldn't resist that image.)

Summer often tends to be a dry spot as far as television watching goes. Ratings go way down when people head away from their televisions to take advantage of warm weather and vacation season, so networks withhold the good stuff until audiences are a little more house-bound. Not Syfy, though. And why should they? Let's be honest, the majority of the people who watch the Syfy channel are not going to be the ones who abandon their televisions in favor of a family vacations to Disney Land and time spent in the great outdoors. We're still going to be here and we're still going to be watching.

That's why Syfy is one of the few networks that can get away with having a few big premieres during the television off season. They've actually got quite a nice little schedule lined up, but as far as I'm concerned there are two show-stoppers. The first is the premiere of Syfy's only new scripted series of the summer, Haven. That name may not instantly ring a bell, but Stephen King fans should know that Haven is actually a new drama (loosely) series based on The Colorado Kid. From their press release:
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