Godspeed, Directed by Robert Saitzyk, 2009
I'll have a longer review of Robert Saitzyk's indie thriller Godspeed closer to its DVD release on April 20th, but in short it's an unique, impressive little film. Written by Saitzyk and actor Cory Knauf (The Hamiltons), Godspeed tells the story of a faith healer, Charlie (Joseph McKelheer), in rural Alaska whose life is shattered when his wife and son are murdered. The tragedy turns him into a bit of a woods-bound hermit until one day a young girl recognizes Charlie from his faith-healing days, which sets him on a strange journey that eventually intersects with his past.

I'd say more, but given the unreleased nature of the movie I'd rather err on the side of caution so as to not give too much away. Still, it's a pretty interesting excursion into the more restrained, thoughtful side of independent horror. Saitzyk really knows how to capture the Alaskan frontier whilst building big moments for his characters with minimal dialog. Unfortunately the script isn't as resourceful as the directing, often dragging out exchanges longer than they need to be. Even with those hiccups, though, Godspeed is still an interesting, worth-your-time diversion from typical indie horror films, which tend to opt for gore and sex over ideas.
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