Breaking Upwards takes the worst stereotypes of a DIY film about a young couple working through their relationship problems in New York City and throws them out the window, leaving the juicy, real bits for audiences to sift through. At first you might think that not much happens in Breaking Upwards. The truth is that a lot happens, but it happens so subtly and naturally that it seems to take our protagonists by surprise as much as the viewer.

Daryl (Daryl Wein) and Zoe (Zoe Lister-Jones, who is in the upcoming Angelina Jolie actioner Salt) have been together for four years; they live together, do yoga together, ride their bikes together, dress up and walk in the Halloween parade together, and are growing increasingly bored together. Zoe is the first to suggest they take a few days off from each other each week, both for personal growth and perhaps the option to see others, and Daryl, who is initially hurt and surprised, seems increasingly interested by the possibilities this could offer. As the rules grow blurrier and harder to navigate, it becomes difficult for them to see whether or not trying to open their relationship up will ultimately break them up or help rejuvenate a lackluster love.