I think we can all agree there's just too much stuff on the Internet. There's just too damned much to look at; it's impossible to keep up with absolutely everything, which is my roundabout justification for not watching web series. I think it's safe to say that niche web channels are the future of content creation and sadly I just don't keep up with them. Thanks to the Streamy Awards, whose ceremony will air live online on April 11th, I don't have to!

The Streamy Awards, as the name implies, were created last year to comb through legions of Internet videos in order to honor the best of television on the web. They've got a total of 35 categories on their awards slate and while the majority have nothing to do with our genre of choice, a handful of horror works are up for accolades. A few TV tie-ins made the list, most notably Dexter: Early Cuts and the Harper's Island companion Harper's Globe, but the big winner (well, technically, the big could-be winner) is Girl Number 9.

Created by James Moran's (writer of Severance), Girl Number 9 is nominated for Best New Web Series, Best Foreign Web Series, Best Directing (Drama), Best Writing (Drama), and Best Male Actor. So, take heed other web series, if you want a shot at a Streamy, it's not a bad idea to get the Horror Squad Bump.
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