Things are getting busy in the land of R-rated comedy. As rumors have previously buzzed, our favorite NPH cohorts are reuniting for A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas (with Kal Penn heading back to Hollywood after his White House stint). However, creators Hayden Schlossberg and Jon Hurwitz aren't going to direct their script this time. They've decided to head to the land of the pies, leaving the stoners to newcomer Todd Strauss Schulson, who's directed a number of successful short films.

According to THR's Risky Business, the Harold and Kumar brains are helming American Pie 4. Their names have been circling the project since February, but initial reports saw them only as writers -- not directors. It seems that the duo were actually cooking up a Hollywood return to R-rated comedies back in the '90s, but Pie scribe Adam Herz beat them to the punch. Now, things come full circle. Their involvement could bring new life to the series, but before anything else, Universal has got to figure things out. They can't have a sequel that will reunite the cast and also call it a reboot. It's either one or the other, studio!

I'm a bit bummed that all of this is coming after American Pie Presents: The Book of Love. The flick looks terrible, but I love the idea of new virgins discovering the bible, and learning that a certain proud Papa is also part of the tome's long history. The idea of all the oldies coming back -- that I'm not so sure of. Can the men behind Harold and Kumar make the pie thrive again?
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