Hola Beasties! So it's my turn at bat as far as this whole Movie Club thing goes and I have to say I am a big fan of the concept. Let's face it, we're all scouring Netflix Watch Instantly and a number of other free content options for an ever-increasing bevy of fresh horror. So I'm thrilled we can make an electronic communal experience out of our obsessions. For my pick, I'm gonna need you to hit up Netflix for a little film called Triangle. If you are a regular reader, then you are already aware of how hard we've been pimping this film, and with good reason. It is an insanely unique film that probes some fairly deep emotional conundrums. I really loved Triangle when I finally saw it and something about its tone and structure made it ideal for sharing with a group. To wit, I implore you to add it to your instant queue and watch it at some point this weekend.

To be honest, I am demonstrating intentional reserve with this brief intro. So much of what makes Triangle so great would only serve to spoil it if discussed prior to viewing (and don't watch the trailer!). Let me just say that this is not a film you want to observe lightly; sever all distraction and devote 100% of your focus to the events unfolding before you on screen. Once Monday rolls around, and the ideas of the film have had time to gestate in your brain, we will wax poetic about their meanings. Also, I fully anticipate this being a very divided discussion as Triangle is a divisive film. Good luck, God speed.

[Also, over at Sci-Fi Squad the Movie Club pick of the week is The Lawnmower Man while Cinematical is doing The Virgin Suicides.]
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