Kick-Ass movie posterThanks so much for the comments! This contest is now closed.

Our relaunch of our Moviefone Movie Club is going so fast and furious, we're already preparing for our second selection -- even though we haven't done our first one yet. Yes, that's how we roll. (Our first movie club, for 'Clash of the Titans,' will be posted here on April 7.)

But we just couldn't wait to unveil this one, a movie we're super-excited for (pun intended) -- and that's 'Kick-Ass,' a movie that got all kinds of buzz after screening at SXSW. It's about a comic-book-obsessed teenager and some like-minded other teens who decide to become superheroes and fight crime, even though they don't have any powers. It's kind of like 'Watchmen,' though we hope with a better soundtrack.

'Kick-Ass' opens April 16 (you can get showtimes and buy tickets here), and we'll post our 'Kick-Ass' movie club discussion on Wednesday, April 21.To join the discussion when we launch, stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter, or bookmark our movie club page.

And to help get you ready for the movie club, we're giving away a kick-ass prize: five pairs of tickets to advance screenings in 20 cities.
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