It's been about four years since we last had anything to report on Universal's adaptation of R.I.P.D.David Dobkin was in the director's chair, Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay penned the script, and it's just been kicking around, forgotten by all in the movie reporting business. But Collider got the scoop that the film is moving into production as soon as January 2011, and has Ryan Reynolds attached to star.

R.I.P.D. is the tongue-twisting acronym of the Rest In Peace Department, an otherworldly police department whose only purpose is keeping the dead quiet, happy, and in line. The story centers around Nick Cruz (played by Reynolds), a cop who was murdered in the prime of his life. He agrees to serve 100 years with the R.I.P.D. if they'll help him find his killer. His partner on the beat is a former gunslinger (yet to be cast), and I imagine things get awkward when you've got nothing in common but being dead. Sadly, all else on this little Dark Horse series seems to have disappeared, so hopefully, some fans can pipe up with more story details.

"[It's a] terrific script. Great buddy comedy." says producer Neal Moritz. "It's a fantastic relationship between a cop who's recently died who would do anything to get back to his wife, and a gunslinger who died hundreds of years ago who has seen it all and is jaded by it all. It's the two of these guys together and it's the relationship between these two guys that is absolutely fantastic." Sounds like it could be fun, and it's another nice notch on Reynolds' comic book belt. Someday, he and Chris Evans will have to fight to be King of Adaptations. It will be epic. They can make a graphic novel of it, and then adapt it.
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