The highly anticipated remake of Clash of the Titans hits theatres today, and I'm of a like mind with fellow Cinematical critic Scott Weinberg when he called it an"impressively fast-paced piece of big-budget escapism" (full review here). I also agree that the monster designs are not quite as indelible as the ones created by Ray Harryhausen for the 1981 film, particularly in the case of the Kraken. This painted poster for the original movie, from artist Dan Goozee, shows off the savage sea monster locked in epic battle with the heroic Perseus.

Yesterday, we gave some attention to The Brothers Hildebrandt's great Clash of the Titans one-sheet, but Goozee's Titans poster is the more familiar one (having been the cover for the DVD release as well). Over his long career, Goozee has created art for Walt Disney, James Bond films, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and Irwin Allen's disaster film blockbusters. We just don't see movie poster artists like Goozee anymore, and that's a real shame.

You can see Goozee's painted piece in full after the jump.
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