I'm taking up a different tactic in choosing this week's selection for the Sci-Fi Squad Movie Club. Normally we try to pick something that we really want to talk about or think may be a title overlooked by most people. I'm not doing that this week. Instead, I'm opting for a movie I've never actually seen from beginning to end.

Yes, I've never seen The Lawnmower Man. I've seen bits and pieces here and there, but never united and it's about time I remedy that. The film is available on Netflix Watch Instantly, so if you're a subscriber it should be an easy watch. If not it should be a readily available flick at your local rental store of choice. Just please don't tell the clerk I haven't seen it, I don't like strangers making fun of me.

From Netflix: "A developmentally disabled landscaper named Jobe (Jeff Fahey) crosses paths with an obsessed government scientist (Pierce Brosnan) who has something to prove. Thanks to brilliant lab work, the mad doctor unlocks his test subject's potential for genius -- and for evil. As Jobe's intelligence grows, his pent-up rage begins to boil over. Based on Stephen King's short story of the same name, the film is a knockout vision of high-tech horror."

If Stephen King adaptations about virtual reality turning people evil aren't your bag, the Horror Squad Movie Club selection this week is Triangle (which I heartily endorse), while Cinematical is doing The Virgin Suicides. See ya' on Monday!
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